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Small batches, big stories. Millers and Saints celebrates the great taste of local ingredients and the bold flavors of a bygone era.  We embrace the history of grain milling in the former milling capital of the world, Minneapolis, and the darker side of Saint Paul, founded as a bootleggers camp before attaining its saintly status.  Millers and Saints celebrates the revival of small craft batch distilling in Minnesota and is proud to bring the art of distilling back to the Twin Cities.  We care about what we drink, where it comes from and who we are enjoying it with. 

Millers and Saints Distillery strives to bring the type of high-quality spirits not seen since pre-prohibition.  We bring to you spirits made from the finest local ingredients, made with equipment built from scratch in the United States of America and using traditional knowledge passed down through master spirit makers.  We are a family-owned and operated business, relying on hard work, maintaining the highest standards and committed to bringing excellence to the Twin Cities craft distilling scene.


Joe Muggli, President/Distiller

IMG_2169I am Minnesotan born and raised.  My ideal day consists of fly-fishing the rivers of Minnesota with my beautiful bride at my side, kids playing on the shore and a flask of whiskey in my pocket.  As a young child, I worked my family’s 4 acre garden to provide food for our family of 11 as well as friends and neighbors.  I appreciate the rewards of hard work, having my hands in the dirt and the unique feel of hand crafted products. Our family currently keep bees to harvest raw organic honey and maintains a plot of fruit trees and grapevines. I strive to pass on the ethic of hard work, dedication and a passion for life to my sons.

Opening a distillery has been a family discussion for many years and when my brother-in-law, Jason Schoneman, opened Steel Toe Brewing we knew the time was near.  Ron, my father-in-law, and I completed distilling school at the Siebel Institute and then delved into the trade, visiting distilleries and studying the best of American-made spirits.  We then made our plan a reality.  I now proudly present our distillery, Millers and Saints, with a promise to our customers that my values of old-fashioned hard work, dedication and my passionate pursuit of excellence will be evident in our authentic hand-crafted spirits.


Ron Olney, LTC (USA-Ret), PhD, Owner/Distiller

IMG_2146My first whiskey was served to me by a Georgia moonshiner when I was 11, and it was good.

Since then, I have traveled the world as a career military officer, been honored to be the father of loving children, managed to stay married to my sweetheart for 34 years and learned through experience the subtle tastes and aromas of fine food and drink.

I have spent time leading soldiers into harm’s way as well as relaxing on dark leather furniture in English oak paneled rooms.  These experiences have manifested themselves in a quiet strength and a need to experience life with all of my senses, individually and in harmony. They have also created a darker side and a lighter side to my personality. The darker side gives me depth of character and a willingness to demand the best of myself and our spirits, while the lighter side drives me to love fiercely and laugh out loud at the joys of a life well lived.

Distilling spirits is not a vocation for me, it is a passion, and I immerse myself in my passions, dedicating myself to study and to experience deeply to find perfection and understanding.

I have earned a sophisticated palate and an appreciation for well prepared spirits. My goal is to ensure that Millers and Saints spirits exceed all expectations.


Jason Schoneman, Co-Founder/Maker of the Wash

IMG_2151Beer and spirits have been a part of my life for a very long time.  My first taste of beer came when I was 8 years old (thanks Dad) and my first taste of whiskey at 12 (sorry Mom).   The process of converting grain into fine beverages has been a passion of mine for over 15 years and continues today with Millers & Saints.

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