Whiskey and Bourbon


Millers and Saints authentic single batch American Whiskey and Bourbon are created through the time honored tradition of a closely guarded recipe,  hand selected grains and specific yeasts brought together with ideal waters and heat to create liquors that capture the by-gone era of Midwestern hand-crafted spirits. Millers and Saints Whiskey is for the patient spirit enthusiast, as it will take time for the whiskey (and even more time for the Bourbon) to fully age in our new Minnesota-made, American oak barrels and for the whiskey to tell us that it is ready for consumption. Our barreled spirits will be allowed to breathe in changing temperatures, humidities and orientations to ensure that each of the barreled spirits gains the robust flavors and accents expected of a fine whiskey or bourbon.  American Water, American Grain, American Yeast, American Still, American Barrel, American know-how, American Passion for Excellence.  The results will be outstanding authentic single batch American Whiskey and Bourbon.

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